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  1. Always practice and be around people that want to practice in grow in what we love; people, music, and dance.
  2. Always learn things and try to have a ” voice” ( approach) in all you learn in dance once the foundations are mastered or understood.
  3. Always be on time on any form of job, whether free or paid. Every job is your last and best job.
  4.  Never ” sell” yourself short. You are the product in all things. If someone comes to you and asks you for your talent, you are the product.
    Make a price for your product, and settle for nothing less, unless it’s a sacrifice you want to make or it’s for children or for a place where there is not the finances to pay you ( third world countries, poor neighborhoods, etc…).
  5. If there are cameras in any event that is not paying you, then make sure you have rights to get all footage of you performing at the event; verbal or written contract.
  6. When in working with any event, make sure to respond to calls from organizers/bosses via texts, emails, phone ( voicemails).
  7. When you don’t care much for the way events are run, do not complain about them, save up your money and create your own.
  8. Do not join contests where you know who the judges are, and then complain about them. If you are not sure who the judges are that are judging you, then look for their names, punch them in youtube or the net, and research them. Find out and see what they know in dance, and make that your strategy to understand what to do or what you are able to do in a contest… are only as great as your judges understanding.
  9. Love what you do, but do not sell yourself short of what you do. This is a business, that is held up by many, and there are regular rates we all should think about and ask each dancer/teacher/choreographer that they work for. Making an alliance that the industry can not sell us short for. Industry being the main media or even the media of people that come to an event and film us.
  10. Interviews, moves, and any documented thing is a price for someone that doesn’t know. So, be careful to not always hear the words

LOVE, FAMILY, and CULTURE, and think that these people are doing it for those reasons. Those words are words to make people emote and not think. Always realize that they are paying a bill just like you are. IF they are filming you and then selling it or promoting it, they will receive a payment eventually, and if you are not on contract with them, then you will not receive a payment. Make sure you get your payments for what you do.


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So many have read posts and heard Brian speak about things in life that seem almost impossible to have happened. They see him dance and they see and feel like he has danced so many lives in one body; and yes he has. Most of the dance styles he can do, he was part of; that’s how he learned them. Which has him dance from an honest, true, and very real place. Below is a 3-hour interview with Brian, that has laughs, lessons, and messages of upliftment.