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ONLINE DANCE CLASSES by Brian Green and GUESTS that give the student the basics of the dance style HOUSE DANCE and some basics in street dance styles and music


DO NOT USE QUICKTIME PLAYER, use any other player ( windows media player, VLC, etc….)

These videos are made on PC in the garage or studio for the love of the culture. they are recorded with an iPhone to make people learn to chase ” diamonds in the mud”; as very few people actually go to the neighborhoods these dances came from to learn them……COLONized CREATED designated “poor/rough neighborhoods.” These neighborhoods have created dance styles and more that corporations are making billions off of, but the actual creators, cultures, and their neighborhoods still staying broke; which doesn`t make any sense. And it`s not because they don`t know how to budget the money, it’s because they are not getting paid their worth.

So, these first batch of videos are giving the student the basics of the dance style HOUSE DANCE and some basics in street dance and music; things all SHOULD already know. These are homemade and purposely just rough edited to make the consumer look for greatness in what they call ”ugly” places (again poor areas; where the dance comes from).

SOME videos will be made with a high-end camera, or ARE NOW THE NEW MUSIC and AUDIO ADJUSTMENTS by CMINOR and still with the HIGH-QUALITY information and techniques, for still a low price of $35 to $40; which should actually be around $75 or better, because I KNOW people will TRY to teach this information without fully comprehending it, and definitely won’t give me a royalty from the years of classes they’re getting paid for.


SO, the price is A STEAL, but reasonable enough money to save for a PRODUCTIVE future in DANCE, as well as financially assisting in changing mentalities slowly for the better!!

This all attaches to a spiritual message:” GOD Will use the SHAMEFUL and FOOLISH things of this earth to SHOW His POWER!! (which means, that where you judge and look down on, is where the great things you search for will be).

Foundation: What Is It?

The importance of these online dance classes

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Attention: Monthly Training

After each dance class, it is advised to do the monthly ONLINE PRIVATE TRAINING to check progress; especially those who want to teach:

Why and when there are

Warm Ups, Stretching, and Cool Downs

Class Description


Beginners for people that never danced to understand their body

Intermediate for dancers that understand their body and want a challenge of coordinations grooves.

Advanced or Professional Dancers for dancers that are looking for different perspectives in movement.


For dancers focused on moving the feet for just dance, and the other levels (Intermediate and Int/Adv) are focused on HOUSE DANCE basics!

Class Videos

Beginners 2 Part Isolations (Hip-Hop Freestyle) subtitles by MAX WOO & MUSIC by BBOY MAURIZIO


Intermediate Whacking/Waacking Featuring the POSE (a.k.a. POSING) with MUSIC BY C MINOR




House Dance Transitions BEGINNERS | Filmed/Edited By Max Woo with MUSIC by C MINOR


Beginners Isolations and Grooves: Torso


Dance Police: Tip, Tap, Toe


Basic Isolations/Grooves: Torso


Dance Police: Shuffles


TRAVELING SKATE with Music & audio adjustments by C MINOR


Isolations and Grooves Beginner Series 1 – with Brian Footwork Green


Footwork Advanced Series 1 with Brian Green – Musicality & Music Impressions (music by C MINOR)


Footwork Intermediate Series 1: Heel Toe, Step Touch and Swirl with Variations (music by C MINOR)


Footwork Int/Adv Series 2 with Brian “Footwork” Green – House Step the CHASE ( i.e. ” Loose Legs) with 4 variations/transitions (music by C MINOR)


House/Clubbing Footwork Series 1: Farmers, Gallop, 3way, and Chase! Music by C MINOR


House Dance / Clubbing Footwork Series 2: JOGGER ( Jog/Hurdle ) and THE SKATE ( Skating ) with music by C MINOR


Footwork Beginners Series (music by C MINOR)