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New Hollywood

The NEW HOLLYWOOD project was started by Brian Green in 1999 and it came to fruition via the success of an edutaining event he was financially supporting called the HOUSE DANCE CONFERENCE (HDC)

This project he shipped around the planet with his choreography and teaching career. Asking major organizers around the globe of a BOOMING STREET DANCE CONTEST circuit IF they wanted to join in. They’re 100% answer was, “NO”, and one even going far enough to say, “NO, “that’s your stupid Jesus Christ mission”….that famous bboy organizer still widely supported today.


It’s making projects that give on-going royalties (percentage) to GIFTED artists from video, online, and other merchandise sales. Brian was doing this with vhs/dvd sales in the early millennium; giving featured guests royalties. Also, brian was giving royalties to great teachers from the dance styles popping and locking that were infiltrating the COLONized East coast, and DEFINITELY making a mark on dancers focused on those DANCE STYLES….all while he was focused on bringing back WHACKING and TRYING to get KEITH “Boogie” WILLIAMS (R.I.P.) CREATOR of “STREET JAZZ” to come back to either teach or just talk about what he did in DANCE that changed the inDUSTry that threw him away but sucked up the obvious gift he was given.

When the monthly event slowed down around 2010 and completely closed in 2013, from his pocket he still gave royalties to DANCE CONTEST winners/runner-ups of the HDC contests; WITHOUT selling ANYTHING (SOME taking the royalties, & others realizing it’s from Brian’s own choreography/teaching work they declined).

Currently, Brian has CREATED THE DANCE POLICE that features a guest gifted teacher each ONLINE DANCE CLASS that assists Brian in clarifying HISTORY in dance styles and teaches some basics for the ONLINE student to improve. DANCE POLICE is an on-going adventure in the NEW HOLLYWOOD project.

Along with the “guest teacher idea”, Brian has added GIFTED guests in ANY ART and age that can assist in making the ONLINE DANCE CLASSES better (producer, editor, director, teacher etc…).

DANCE POLICE features guest TAP DANCE TEACHER, ANDREW J. NEMR (and there will be different guest dance style teachers in the future).

HOUSE DANCE TRANSITIONS introduces filmmaker/editor MAX WOO from COLONized land labeled, “ATLANTA, GA”

MUSIC ON THE ONLINE DANCE CLASSES are made by singer, producer, and musician, CMINOR from COLONized land labeled, “PHILADELPHIA”

NOTE: ONLY the BEGINNER 2 PART ISOLATIONS ONLINE DANCE CLASS, the music is produced by BBOY MAURIZIO from COLONized country labeled, “ITALY”.