e-BOOK 1 of 4 on sale now:

The title features the website of the same name, where there are Online dance classes, spiritual info, and videos: www.theybarelyunderstandhello.com.

This e-book is written in 4 books focusing on “journeys thru lives to eventually get to the EXPRESSIONS OF LIVES THROUGH RHYTHMIC MOVEMENT (the last 2 e-books)”.

The first book is an e-book sub-titled, “BIRTH PAINS”, written in interesting ways of making sentence structures, & more; focusing on breaking many things in life we all need to undo……..why???

ANSWER: FULL POWER OF LOVE/PRODUCTIVITY/FAITH for CHILDREN to read, take notes, & copy; changing the future.

“DANCE is the EXPRESSIONS of LIVES thru MOVEMENT”, & this e-book 1 is about those LIVES EXPERIENCED……e-books 2, 3, & 4 will all be released before JUNE 2024; it’s advised to read each one slowly.




*The author wasn’t going to come out with this book that was finished in 2001, but he thought about CHILDREN who grew up similar to him; about abused/raped/or molested CHILDREN. He also thought what life would be like if CHILDREN were told the lies the system has told for CENTURIES, but at the same time, told the FULL TRUTH the author is telling in this book. The “sacrifices/risks” the author took with the BODY he’s been temporarily given, were for THE FULL POWER OF LOVE & PRODUCTIVE CHANGE for CHILDREN in the next generations.

This book is about giving the (O)ne (W)orld (S)ystem a chance to stop the PUBLIC OBVIOUS CONfusion/destruction they’ve been DOING, & show they REALLY “vow to tell the truth & nothing but the TRUTH so help them GOD (in that BIBLE)”, & show they’re NOT the devil’s children/followers. Even though this book will have SOME Bible passages in it, mention things from the TORAH (TONAK), the Quran, & other OWS published spiritual books/messages; the focus is MOSTLY from the BIBLE. The BIBLE is used to trap masses of “creations” around the planet in an (O)ne (W)orld (S)ystem of PUBLIC OBVIOUS CONfusion/destruction that’s EASILY seen today. The BIBLE is NOT being used because it’s the BOOK OF TRUTH, but MORE because it’s a spiritual BOOK that has MANY beliefs/sciences in it, when read CORRECTLY. So, until that BOOK is read, deciphered, & PUBLICLY spoken of correctly, there won’t be any MAJOR FULL POWER OF LOVE/PRODUCTIVE changes in life.

Though the OWS is VERY PHYSICALLY violent, this book is focusing on clearing the mental/spiritual/verbal/financial/medicinal lies of the OWS, which will make CHILDREN & all ages have REAL “CHOICE” in life. Eventually making THEM strong enough to be PHYSICALLY empowered to handle, or AT LEAST not be scared to face the PUBLIC OBVIOUS PHYSICAL VIOLENCE of the OWS, & move on PRODUCTIVELY AFTER. The author fully REALeyeses there’s no family, friends, &/or acquaintances in life. There’s ONLY THE PURPOSE WE FOLLOW/SUPPORT/SHARE/LIVE. *