Beginners Isolations/Grooves Part 2 : Isolations (Hip-Hop Freestyle) | Brian Footwork Green | Subtitles by MAX WOO & MUSIC by BBOY MAURIZIO


This ONLINE DANCE CLASS is focused on isolating to parts of the body in order to comprehend the STANDARD in the dance style known as HIP-HOP freestyle……to just do the STANDARDS in hip-hop freestyle, one must be able to ISOLATE THE BODY with a BOUNCE/ROCK, which makes a GROOVE, FREESTYLE, and DANCE WITH OTHERS IN A PARTY…..this ONLINE DANCE CLASS focuses on ISOLATING THE BODY with BOUNCE/ROCK, touches on FREESTYLE elements, and this can easily lead to some DANCING WITH OTHERS IN A PARTY ( which one should already be trying to do before taking ONLINE DANCE CLASSES, because that’s A HUMAN basic of communication….but in QUARANTINE, it’s comprehended how this may be difficult).

Music by BBOY MAURIZIO (a.k.a. “THENEXTONE”), and subtitles and editing by MAX WOO (sent out by end of AUGUST). they get a royalty per video, which makes this part of the NEW HOLLYWOOD PROJECT, which gives GIFTED people a royalty for the GIFTS they contribute in the vids