The History

House Dance Conference started in August, 1999. This special event was started by various conversations of prominent dancers in NY’s dance scene who felt there needed to be a dance event that showed the power of dance as well as the education of dance; giving respect to lineage as well. The fuel to this idea and creation was from dance group Dance Fusion, Ron Paisley, and Brian ” Footwork ” Green who performed with Dance Fusion when in between his regular work as a choreographer and dancer. The party, due to unforeseen circumstances, ended up being funded by GOD through Brian, as well as he was the talent coordinator for most of the shows seen at the HDC. This caused him to be the face of the HDC.

House Dance Conference expanded in 2001, and was later owned by Brian “Footwork” Green, Ulli Maier, and Ray “Spex” Abbiw. The party ran strong and by demand, HDC expanded again on July 2006 and was owned by Brian “Footwork” Green and Ray ” Spex ” Abbiw. Today on it’s return (after a pause in October 2006), House Dance Conference continues to bless the dance world and culture with a synergy of DANCE + SOUL + MUSIC. It is now owned by Dj Qu, Pee-Wee, Brian “Footwork ” Green, and Ray ” Spex ” Abbiw.

In 2008, Brian did choreography for NIKE ROCKSTAR WORKOUT HOUSE, which also features the music of the DJs Qu and Pfunk of the House Dance Conference. Helping others, being honest, and truthful; along with pray to GOD keeps praying going.

The People

HDC’s people at every session make up the HDC. Along with deep and soulful sounds of HDCs’ resident DJs, House Dance Conference presents special guest DJs and performers: Don “Campbellock” Campbell, Sam “Boogaloo Sam” Solomon, Greg Campbellock Jr, Willi Ninja, Bravo, Archie Burnett, Klown, Flomaster, Adesola, DOC, Shaky Shake, Shock-a-Lock, Jazzy J, Disco Dave, Steve Glavin, Shallow, Stretch, Link, and ANA “Lollipop” Sanchez, are just a few who keep this underground dance scene poppin’. House Dance Conference is not just a party, it’s an experience.


Brian, choreographer / teacher / dancer, began dancing at 8 years old. He studied Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, and African for five years from Phil Black, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, and Joefrreys Ballet. In 1978, his brother, Oscar, introduced him to “Poppin”, a dance from California. Wanting to learn more, he went to the NYC underground between 1983-84. By the end of 1984, Brian “understood” and was a part of the Hip-hop Culture. 1984-1986, he found the House and Freestyle culture in Roseland, 4Ds, Paradise Garage, and other clubs in NY. 1986, he ran into two people: Damien and Spanky, who became his full inspiration in the House culture. Their inspiration, Brian’s rhythm from Tap, his mother’s intricate Hustle, Salsa, and African steps, eventually spawned a unique very fast footwork style that gave  Brian his  name around the  underground  scene of NY  and abroad. Brian, in his career, has  choreographed / danced with artists like Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefanie, Fergie, MYA, Foxy Brown, Missy Eliott, Salt-N-Pepa, Busta Rhymes, Barbara Tucker, EVE, Kraze, MAW (Masters at Work), and many more. In the last 10 years, his teaching has focused on the history of dances in the Funk, Hip-hop, and House culture, which he has spread through the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Africa. In these countries he has been a judge for countless dance contests, promoting the true art, culture, and essence of these dances! He is the 2001 ACA (American Choreographers Awards) recipient for Best Hip-Hop Choreography in a Music Video for his choreography in the video called, “FREE” by singer/song writer, MYA! He has created a new company, WORLD SOUL (, which has focused on showing audiences the passion, history, and various techniques that are in various dance styles. He has also helped finance and  creat a dance edutaining event that has been sweeping NY and spreading around the world called the House Dance Conference. All this experience in his dance career easily filled the stages of the HDC with amazing talent to excite the audiences that attended or watched any HDC media related videos.

Graphic Designers on various flyers over the years:

Allison ” Ms. Al-Boogie”


and thanks to those in San Francisco, Who is Who in France, and Hardcore ( Stringz) in Detroit when y’all asked HDC to come to y’all town, and y’all coordinated to make the event happen.



Daniel 12:10
John 14:12
Mark 12:29-31

Brian Footwork Green-one of the HDC creators, owners, & talent coordinator.