Beginners series 1

Focusing on the head isolations with a groove of your choice……

Focusing on feeling the music and understanding the body at the same time.

Great video for those that are afraid to go to a club to dance with someone or just trying to find their own feeling to music while in public or anywhere music plays.

This is a very basic series and may not be very challenging or even necessary for those of you that alreay go to the clubs, in cyphers, and contests.

This is definitely for people in dances like Ballet or Jazz and anything related to dances that don’t move the head to tourso in succession with a groove in their body….This is your video.

Those from the clubs, try the advanced level series, as that is more of a challenge.

Dance is an expression of your life, and in life we learn to imitate things and then take them our way…..

This is the series that opens your body slowly to be able to imitate and pushes you lightly to take things your own way.