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Learning, playing, exploring …and definitely feeling like that little girl again who just loved dancing. After being kind of lost with what dance means to me and where I wanna go with it I finally know in which styles I really want to improve in and what I have to work on: House dance. I practise almost daily by watching online tutorials by @brianfootworkgreen. it’s the best class I took so far and all I know is I know nothing at all 🙉 Since I decided last year that I would like to go to India for 2 months the flow in my life feels just supernatural. I was not scared or questioned my future but got super chill with everything that IS happening right now. I wasn’t sure to come back to my old life in Paris of which I loved almost all of it, or to start a new one in Zurich. With almost I mean I always knew that I would leave one day. I loved my apartment, was thankful for my job at dynamo and I grew sooo much !!! But as much inspiration Paris has and can be, it also burnt me almost out. Your body def gives you signals if the environment is healthy or not. I had to listen and be honest with myself even though my ego wanted to keep my old life. I got confused if my heart or my ego was holding onto that. So instead of stressing and trying to force things, I was practicing dance, I was myself and completely in peace with the change in progress. Also completely in trust because the universe knows what’s up! More and more it turned out Zurich was the right next step on my path to continue. One door closes, another one opens, and it finally made so much sense to move on. Last night of almost fullmoon I manifested everything possible positive for this next chapter because I wanna go all in @sparkcyclezurich 💫💫💫 So now super high on positive frequency regarding my future and super thankful for everything that has happened and who I met the last 4 years in Paris, I am on my way :-)! ☝️ up there ☝️☝️☝️ #life #evolve

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