Travelling Skate

Footwork Advanced Series 1 with Brian Green – Musicality & Music Impressions

Footwork Intermediate Series 1 with Brian Footwork Green – HEEL TOE, STEP TOUCH and SWIRL with Variations

Footwork Intermediate/Advanced Series 2 with Brian “Footwork” Green – House Step the CHASE ( i.e. ” Loose Legs) with 4 variations/transitions

House/Clubbing Footwork series 1/10 part series with Brian “Footwork” Green – Farmers, Gallop, 3way, and Chase!

House Dance/Clubbing Footwork Series 2 with Brian “Footwork” Green – JOGGER ( Jog/Hurdle ) and THE SKATE ( Skating ).

Footwork Beginners Series with Brian Footwork Green