At best I’ve met MAYBE 1,000,000 people in my life, but there are over 1,000,000,000 people on this earth. Out of 1,000,000 I met, maybe 100,000,00 agree and comprehend with what I say, and will admit they fear the SYSTEM and wont spread the TRUTH.

Out of 1,000,000 maybe 100 will press LIKE.

Out of 100 only 50 will support and give a small donation.

Out of 50, maybe 5 will share the life-changing messages.

Out of 5, I havent met 1 that will TRULY follow.

The only reason I believe the prophets amd jesus existed is because I use the TRUTH against this ONE WORLD SYSTEM, the TRUTH about LOVE unifies, and the TRUTH that prayer/fasting heals on all of Y’ALL.

When not supported the way Y’ALL support a CONfusing and destructive SYSTEM that rips Y’ALL money thru taxes and other OBVIOUS demonic entrapments and lies. To watch Y’ALL throw hundreds and thousands of dollars to organizations sponsored by the SYSTEM to help children and adults with diseases and poverty the SYSTEM CREATED…….is sad.

Sadder is that I preach the REMEDY to diseases, mental slavery, sexual dysfunctions, and more systematic CREATED issues, and I cant get Y’ALL to make $10,000 goal. Anyone that dances whacking, house, freestyle, and other styles where I preached about the TRUE people doing it, researched, studied, and brought back people, and more……geez, by myself I’ve donated way over $10k.

I only believe the prophets/jesus were recorded living because that LOVE yall read and cry over, the WORK needee to be done to live it, Y’ALL run from. And when Y’ALL meet the few that live it, sure Y’ALL LIKE what they say at times, sure Y’ALL agree to many things they say, but when its time to go against the SYSTEM thats hurting and killing Y’ALL, Y’ALL run away……or worse, lie against the ones telling the TRUTH, or assist in financially, mentally, and/or physically isolating, injuring, or killing them. Just like the prophets/jesus were treated.

I can not wait til next year to exit from this dance world, because to see so much fear is TRULY not healthy for real HUMANS. Its a slaves life, a d HUMANS are CREATED but not slaves.

If Y’ALL don’t support this gofundme, these two books will never come out. But I suspect, someone with a white face will take the info I post make books/charities/certification programs, and the 1,000,000 I’ve met and more will follow……just a CENTURIES old fact of fear and complacency to prove what im saying is FACT: