The DANCE POLICE is an ONLINE DANCE CLASS project featuring Brian and a guest teacher; policing the TRUE information in dance. Brian will bring in afficiandos in various dance styles to do these online dance classes; half the proceeds go to Brian, the other half goes to the guest; “new Hollywood”.

There’s a difference in life between “hustling” (making money by any means necessary; even if it’s lying about dance styles and cultures…..inhuman and demonic), and then there’s STRUGGLING (doing and creating PRODUCTIVE ideas and projects that helps others who live in TRUTH, FAITH, & LOVE; HUMAN)

These classes the people will receive:

  1. Histories on whatever is being corrected.
  2. The original dance style the correction comes from.
  3. An in-depth basic in that other dance style.

Of course with all this info, the class is more expensive. BUT those who TRULY know dance is a GOD-given gift, study it seriously, and are aware we live on a planet of “commerce for information & experience”…..paying more should be expected. It’s rare PRODUCTIVE people are around, but come TOGETHER to do PRODUCTIVE things? Even more rare!!!

Even more rare, especially in this world that believes in “race” more than LOVE and TRUTH, Brian PURPOSELY chose tap dance teacher, dancer, choreographer, owner, and more; the GOD-gifted Andrew Nemr.

Lots to learn and grow on. Here is the comic trailer to the DANCE POLICE. First class will speak falsities in HOUSE DANCE, correct them, and put them in their proper place.