This online dance class is focused on the POSE technique of the dance style known as WHACKING/WAACKING. It is advised to watch the trailers for this dance style that are on the website, in order to comprehend why the dance style has that spelling and many words to its’ name and fame. This online dance class is for new students and even those that have done the dance style for over under 20 years. As Brian is the sole reason this 70s dance style is back in the millenium years, it’s because he saw a decline in dance that needed elements of this dance for people to get in touch with parts of their bodies and characters that other dance styles in street dance weren’t focusing on; especially for the women.

SO, the way he will teach POSING will educate the real beginner, challenge those who have been doing the dance under 20 years, and make the older ones say, “that’s a different perspective to that technique”.

*Subtitled version will be sent out mid June to all buyers.