Intermediate Whacking/Waacking | MUSIC BY C MINOR


A continuation of the BEGINNERS ONLINE DANCE CLASS, and taking POSING concepts to the next level to prepare the students for the ADVANCED LEVEL, then to move on to the ARMS OF THE DANCE STYLE (from BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED). It is suggested to take BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED for all who do this dance style that have started after the RESURGENCE IN THE MILLENIUM, that was single-handedly done by Brian “Footwork” Green (the teacher of these ONLINE DANCE CLASSES). As there’s ONLY two people left that originally did this dance style, and the dance style has the least techniques of any STREET DANCE style existing; then it’s all about how to teach the concepts and ideas to evolve what the originals did. Not everyone that can DANCE a DANCE STYLE, can ACTUALLY TEACH a DANCE STYLE to fit various students bodies……most BRIAN has seen and met, end up just teaching the way they do the style to the students. WHEN YOU THINK YOU ARE DONE, PLEASE SEND BACK THE “CHALLENGES” TO MUSIC YOU CHOOSE SO THAT BRIAN CAN TELL YOU WHAT TO WORK ON AND WHETHER TO MOVE ON OR NOT. LOVE: THE HUMAN DNA.