This is continuing on the journey through the body of possible ways to move in the music.....enforcing you to be comfortable with your own movement in a style or just in you/your style. Online dance class message DO NOT USE QUICKTIME PLAYER, use any other player ( windows media player, VLC, etc....) made on PC in the garage or studio for the love of the culture. Now by iPhone to make people chase " diamonds in the mud", then will do the next batch with an high-end camera.....changing mentalities slowly for the better!! These are homemade and purposely just rough edited to make the consumer look for greatness in what they call " ugly " places. As its a spiritual message: " GOD will use the shameful and foolish things of this earth to show HIS power"!! ( which means that where you judge and look down is where the info will be). Practice and ENJOY!! LOVE TO ALL!! Daniel 12:4 John 14:12 Mark 12:29-31


All MORE Isolations/Grooves coming in Feburary.....
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